Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This document sets out the terms and conditions between Digital Construction Live and you (the purchaser) when you purchase a ticket or register for the conference organised by Weir Events Limited and Origin7. By purchasing a ticket or registering for the conference organised by co-founders Weir Events Limited and Origin7, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions. It is advised that you read this document carefully.

This version of terms and conditions for Digital Construction Live is applicable from 20th July 2021.

About the Organisers

Digital Construction Live is owned and organised by Weir Events Limited and Origin7 Ltd, both UK registered companies 

Price and Payment

The price for the tickets for Digital Construction Live is as set out on this website and is exclusive of VAT.

If purchasing tickets to Digital Construction Live, payment of the ticket price must be made by credit or debit card or such other options made available by the payment processor at the time of ordering your ticket.

If purchasing multiple tickets offline, please email info@digitalconstructionlive.com who will provide you with an invoice following receipt of your order and payment of the tickets which must be made in full and cleared funds either within 14 days of the date of such invoice, or  prior to the Event (whichever is the earlier).

Payments must be received prior to the event. Non-payment may result in access to the event being denied.

Tickets are non-transferable and may not be shared with any other person. For the avoidance of doubt this means you cannot attend a portion of  Digital Construction Live and then pass your ticket to another person / third party in order that they might attend the remaining portion of the conference. If you fail to comply with this we shall be entitled to invoice you for the price of another ticket to the conference.

Digital Construction Live reserves the right to make minor alterations to the content and timing of the programme or to the identity of the speakers.


To request a cancellation of your ticket, simply email info@digitalconstructionlive.comrequesting cancellation with a reason for your cancellation by August 10th. We will then confirm receipt of your email to confirm that your cancellation has been accepted and will be processed, complete with full refund. We regret that we are unable to refund any monies for cancellations made after 10th August 2021. If you do not attend on the day, tickets will not be refunded.

If you are unable to attend and wish to offer your place to a colleague, please email info@digitalconstructionlive.com soon as possible, who will be able to assign your registration to another person in your company. 

In the unlikely event of cancellation of the conference by the organisers, delegates and attendees will be offered a full refund, or a credit note against an equivalent future conference. Please note that delegate fees may not be refunded in the event of circumstances outside of the organisers control.

Live Chat function at Conference

The organisers of Digital Construction Live encourage attendees on the day of the live conference (Friday 10th September) to make use of the live chat function and we ask that the following rules are adhered to:

  • No spam. All automated messages, advertisements, and links to websites will be deleted immediately.
  • No threats or harassment of other users will be tolerated.
  • There will be no posts meant to offend or hurt any other Digital Construction Live delegate, event partner or organisation operating within the industry, in a manner which is offensive or inflammatory. 
  • Posts may be deleted for any reasons the live conference organisers consider reasonable.
  • When posting within the chat function you agree that the Digital Construction Live organisers have the right to modify, delete, edit or close any topic, signature, account, or profile data at any time that they see fit.

Data Protection

We will collect and use certain types of information about you in order to provide tickets and/or information about future events that we think will be relevant or of interest to you. For more information on how and why we collect and use your personal data, please see our privacy policy.

Please be aware that we Digital Construction Live  (or our third-party event partners, suppliers or contractors) may take pictures and/or videos of the Conference and may use these for post event promotion. If you have any queries or concerns about this, please contact event organiser info@digitalconstructionlive.com